Sports Zyuen is an all sports shop with a long history in Ueno Ameyoko district in downtown Tokyo.


Company overview

Company name Sports Zyuen Co. Ltd.
CEO Sadako Tei
Founded on October 10, 1973
Type of Business Retail of sporting goods
Number of shops 4

Major suppliers

Asics Japan, Descente Japan, Mizuno, Adidas Japan, Goldwin, SSK, ZETT, etc.
Major financial institutions MUFG Bank, Japan Finance Corporation, Risona Bank, The Shoko Chukin Bank
Company URL
Companies in the group - London Sports Co. Ltd (retail of sporting goods/10 shops)
- Keisho Co. Ltd (real estate)
Shops in operation

<As of February 2023>
- Hon-Ten
- Ameyoko-Kan
- Shinsaibashi Big Step Shop


Company Motto

Interest for others comes round as interest for ourselves.


Focus of Our Effort

To grow and train ourselves to become able to serve others by being helpful


Our Goal

We aim to contribute to people’s health. We aim to be shops that are helpful and supportive for the scenes where people come to appreciate, watch and play sports.



*We are not recruiting at the moment.