Sports Zyuen makes its most effort to respect our customer’s privacy and comply with laws and regulations in handling the personal customer information as we provide our website and our services.


Personal Information

“Personal Information” under our privacy policy refers to data that can be used alone or data that can be matched with other data to identify a single person.

Purpose of using personal information

Sports Zyuen utilizes personal information registered by customers as well as his/her order information for following purposes:

1.  Service provisions
2.  Implementation of data collection and analysis with the purpose of improving our services
3.  Any purposes of usage to which customers have agreed with


Disclosure to third parties

Sports Zyuen will not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third parties except under the following circumstances.

1.  A consent is obtained from customers prior to the disclosure of personal information.
2.  Personal information is shared with third parties (outsourced service providers) who are obligated to comply with the privacy policy of equal quality to that of Sports Zyuen’s.
3.  Personal information is disclosed as statistical data in a format that does not disclose the customer’s identity to third parties including our alliance partners.
4.  Disclosure is required by law or legal process.
5.  Disclosure is required by requests from public or governmental authorities such as court, public prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, bar association, consumer affairs bureau and any authorities with quasi jurisdiction.
6.  Disclosure is required to protect human life, health, or property in urgent circumstances.
7.  Disclosure is required for other purposes judged legitimate by Sports Zyuen in order to provide our services.


Revision, addition, or deletion of personal information

We are open to any requests from our customers to revise, add, or delete his/her personal information. Please contact from the contact information.

Modification of the Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is subject to modifications for reasons including implementing new service functions.