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About the Shop

All through our 4-story building, from the basement to the 3rd floor, it is all about team sports!
From the seasons  new models to special markdown items, and for beginners to top athletes, our inventory is full and ready for your visit everyday.
You may also enjoy our attentive service for customized team uniform orders.  
Your inquires will be welcome.

We carry the following brands for Rugby:
Canterbury |  Asics,  Adidas |  Mizuno |  Under Amour | Gilbert


TEL: 03-3831-7961  FAX: 03-3831-7666
4-6-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005
Open everyday  10:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.
1 min. Walk from Okachimachi Station (JR line)
5 min. Walk from Ueno Station (JR and any other lines)
2 min. Walk from Ueno-Okachimachi Station (Toei-Subway Oedo line)
3 min. Walk from Ueno-Hirokouji Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza line)
3 min. Walk from Nana-Okachimachi Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)

Message from Staff:
From team uniform order assistance to various team sports accessories, our shop offers you a vast range of gear and equipment for popular team sports.  We may not have large equipments such as Soccer goal, pitching machine, volleyball net and basketball goal in store, however, we will be able to arrange them upon your order.  
Let us assist you with whatever need you may have!




BASEBALL Gear and Equipment

All general baseball and softball equipments and apparel (glove, bat, training outfits, calf socks and more.)

Glove Conditioning and Shaping | Repair Equipment Maintenance | Texts and Numbers Embroidery

Japan is especially proud of its prominence in Major League Baseball.
Offering from top professional models to school sports training equipments, we will satisfy baseball players in all levels, all ages and gender.
With a variety of merchandize catalogues showing many choices from different manufacturers, our team order service has been popular by our customers. Please feel free to send us your inquiry regarding any baseball equipments, repairs, and maintenance. Thank you.


RUNNING / SOCCER / FUTSAL / RUGBY Gear and Equipment

Soccer cleats and shoes, training footwear, game shirts and pants, practice shirts and tops, soccer socks and other accessaries, warm-up suits, windbreakers and jackets, bags, soccer balls, goalkeeper apparel and protections, and a variety of replica shirts.

Rugby jersey, replica jersey, rugby cleats (one model, two colors), head gear, rugby socks, mouthpiece, rugby balls (upon-order arrangement), warm-up suits, and recovery compression items.

A wide range of equipments and apparel available including J. LEAGUE Clubs' replica uniforms and goods, footwear used by celebrity athletes, bags, and referee items.  We are also proud of our rich line-up of Futsal gear and equipment.  Our team order assistance will help start up teams with particularly attentive service.



More General Sports Apparel and Recovery Compression Items
All equipments and apparel relevant to Volleyball  and  “Beachball-Volleyball, a Japan original.
(indoor volleyball shoes, game shirts and pants,  training shirts, compression knee sleeves, socks, and balls)
Equipments and apparel relevant to Handball (shoes, apparel and handballs)
General sports apparel (sweatshirts and pants, windbreakers, warm-up suits, T-shirts with minimum-simple designs) 
Recovery compression and athletic taping items (for knees, ankles, lower backs, elbows, and fingers) 

We carry the official “Beachballs for Beachball-Volleyballs.

From general equipments and apparel to must-have items to enjoy your games and practice - shoes, apparel, recovery compression items, accessories, and team goods - You name it, and we have it - is our mission.
*Team uniform design and order assistance is available at any time.


BASKETBALL Gear and Equipment

Basketball shoes, relevant apparel such as T-shirts, basketball pants, socks, leggings, basketball as well as Rugby T-shirts and rugby pants

B. LEAGUE official items are in store!  Our vast inventory and prompt service will surely cover your needs—from NBA official uniforms and stylish sports T-shirts to customized team uniforms.